Steel City Visions

Steel City Visions

Polly Mills Whitehorn will be exhibiting a collection of photographs entitled Steel City Visions from November 1- November24, 2019.  The exhibit will be at the Undercroft Gallery at the First Unitarian Church located at 605 Morewood Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  The church is located in the Shadyside neighborhood.  The opening reception will be on Sunday, November 10, 2019 from 12:30-2:30pm.  

Artist Statement

Pittsburgh is an amazing city rich in neighborhoods and history.  Moving here in 2012 I quickly embraced this Southwestern PA city that I now call home and all that it offers. In this short time I have witnessed the city’s abrupt change.  Buildings I took for granted vanished before I knew it.  I realized it was imperative to get out with my camera to capture the uniqueness that is still Pittsburgh. 

The photos in this collection are a culmination of seven years observing life here in the Burgh.  Some may be familiar locations, some I have shot from an uncommon vantage point and/or interesting time of day or year.  Some are presented in a more processed format while others are more direct representations.

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