It’s Two Years

It is two years now since the Covid pandemic sent me scampering home from my winter desert retreat. Initially I wandered my Pittsburgh neighborhood streets observing the eerie vacancy. I came to realize that slowing down and carefully examining my immediate world wasn’t a bad thing.  Staying safe while doing this was critical. 

My first project came to be titled My Empty Streets.  Black and white captures of the emptiness reflected my mood and observations. I began adding color to my captures. I took cuttings of native plants I saw along my walks.   As my streets came alive after hibernating I continued this exploration of my immediate neighborhood.  Always mindful not to trespass when cutting a slip to take home to photograph. I began this exploration feeling safe in my studio. 

While my streets are bustling and no longer empty, I continue expanding my knowledge base and deepen my botanical studies. These ongoing observations have coalesced into a long term project entitled Field Studies from My Empty Streets. 

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