My Desert Observations

In winter I explore the mysteries of the Sonoran Desert.  It is there that I wander among the giant saguaros, saddened by their impending extinction as invasive buffelgrass swallows up their hope for survival.

I hike among the ravages of the 2020 Big Horn fires that devastated much of the natural desert vegetation in the Santa Catalina Mountains.  This ripe environment encourages invasive buffelgrass to smother anything that has a chance of growth in the harsh desert climate.

The rituals and traditions of the tribes native to the region continue to inspire me. My Shadow Dancers is a newly added page to my site.  I chose black and white as the best way to interpret my observations. 

My Musings from the Road is another new page added to my site exploring the vastness and quirkiness that is the United States.  In this examination I use a mix of soft focus and hard lines in black and white to interpret my journey. 

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